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A Choice Of Timbers To Suit Any Style

The five timbers shown here are our most popular but we can also supply stair parts in other
hardwoods such as Black, Iroko, Beach, Southern Yellow Pine and maple.
In addition we can also machine your own timber.


American White is used exclusively in the UK for internal joinery, being kiln dried to approximately 10%.
A strong, heavy hardwood grown in the Eastern half of the United States. Due to the high costs of large
sections, newel posts and handrails are laminated, careful attention being paid to grain matching.
European Oak is a close relative botanically to Quercus Robur and our English species is equally adaptable
for internal stairparts.


Pine is a slow grown Scandinavian timber,
an economical timber suitable for staining and painting.
All knots in the timber are sound.


A quality American hardwood,
Ash can be stained and polished to a very good finish.


Sapele is a West African hardwood,
with a reddish brown colouring, typical of Sapele.
This fairly close textured timber is harder and heavier
than both American and South American Mahogany.


Western Hemlock is a softwood native to North America.
It produces a lustrous pale timber that is an attractive choice for stairparts.
There are no knots and is known for its stability.